The Mummy Makeover

The challenge

Gary Robertson wanted to create a brand for ‘The Mummy Makeover’ online program. This program is aimed at Mums from 20-50 who want to lose weight, learn to eat better and increase energy. The main selling point of the program is the ability to do it all from your own home. Despite little promotion, the program has been a great success to date with 20+ members and the results are testament to how well the program works. Gary would like to increase promotion in Northern Ireland as well as start promoting the program across ROI and GB and needs a strong, competitive brand to do so.

The solution

We gave Mummy Makeover a new, modern and confident identity with a fun logo, brightly coloured and energetic typeface and a very visual content for social media and the website. The suite of collateral, consisting of an eBook, Nutritional Journal, Meal Plan and promotional items responded to the busy, health- and new media-conscious mums.