Smart Start

The challenge

A new brand identity was required for a unique Venture Capital proposition specialising in early stage high growth opportunities for Irish companies with global potential. With Start Up teams in the US, Israel and Ireland and a vision to create the most exciting, rewarding and dynamic early stage venture fund the brand needed to push the boundaries, challenging investors preconceptions of how a fund should behave and communicate, it had to be fresh!

The solution

This Fund was unique in its end-to-end approach, the team involved and its geographic spread. In its creation we focused on the passion and determination of the team behind the fund and the unparalleled investment experience offered. The brand is deliberately different, challenging the conventional to mirror the approach taken by the fund. It symbolises a journey that is all about discovery, experience and mentorship, a commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit and to adventure.

Never in the 25 years of working with design teams have I ever experienced the understanding, the synergy and the complete dedication to excellence as I have experienced from the team at Brand Etiquette, design, execution and account management are carried out with passion, belief and a quiet reserve that leaves you in awe of their work. I’m in love!

Gerry Moan