The challenge

A new brand was required for Grant Thornton IVA as the business was being re-launched as a new company. As the team remained the same, it was important that the new identity was developed as an evolved positioning of the existing Grant Thornton brand and that all the experience, professionalism and positive reputation of the company was carried forward.

The solution

The brand we developed was based on the company’s values and their overall mission – To be the experts that people go to first for IVA advice and solutions. The Aperture name and the tagline – “Experts in brighter futures” was directly linked to the company’s vision and was born from insight derived directly from customer research that the debt solution experience was “like a light at the end of a tunnel”. We created a new brand identity which included a bespoke suite of illustrations to bring the personality of the brand to life and worked closely with the internal client team to develop a range of online and offline collateral for the brand launch and onward implementation.

We are delighted with the new brand that was created for Aperture IVA. It fully reflects the culture and values of the business and has been used to great effect internally to inspire our staff to keep delivering exceptional customer service as they support clients and provide debt solutions that deliver a brighter future. Working with a company that can offer the full service in terms of brand strategy and implementation, website development and digital marketing just makes the process so much more streamlined, and ultimately more effective, as the brand vision is nurtured throughout and consistency is delivered across all channels.

Gareth Neill
CEO, Aperture