What is a brand?

What is a brand?

Brand promise and persona

Brand is essentially a promise a business or organisation is making to its consumers. This brand promise incorporates more than just tangible products or services but the consumer experience and emotional attachment that they receive and elicit when using your product or service.

It is important to think of your brand as a person, who will be judged by customers before they do business with you. Appearance, personality, tone of voice and interactivity are all relevant when evolving your brand persona.

Brand perceptions and expectations

The way consumers perceive a brand is ultimately what defines it, no matter what you think your brand promises. It is important to work hard and develop consumer perceptions that accurately reflect your brand.

Consumers develop expectations from the promises your brand makes, which need to be met when they invest money in your brand. If you don’t meet these expectations throughout the customer journey, customers may turn to your competitors.

Elements of a brand

It is important to consider a brand’s intangible elements (mentioned previously). A brand’s tangible elements include its name, logo, packaging and message; all of which must work together to continuously communicate your brand promise and persona, shape brand perceptions and meet brand expectations. Integration of these elements is key, if one element is skewed, the entire brand may suffer.

Brand Etiquette

Here at Brand Etiquette we work together to bring your unique brand to life through logical brand planning and beautifully crafted design. No matter where you’re at on your brand journey, a start-up creating a new identity or an established business looking for a new positioning, we’ll work with you to create something remarkable. For more information, please get in touch.