What inspires us this summer…

With summer quickly passing, mostly unnoticed, we recall our latest obsessions, which have occupied our minds and computer screens (outside of work, of course…) in the recent months:

Anna, Account Manager:

Locals Only: Skateboarding in California 1975-1978 by Hugh Holland

I recently came across this publication and it immediately resonated with my aesthetics and got me slightly obsessed. Hugh Holland followed the skate culture pioneers of the 1970s sun-drenched California and his dreamy images are all you can ask for to evoke that last careless summer before entering an adult life of full-time employment and “more important stuff”. Shot with repurposed movie film (because, you know – Hollywood) which gives his photographs that warm, old-school look, Holland’s collection is my ultimate Instagram filter goal this season (think Rise meets Amaro) and certainly something that takes my mind off to a sunnier place. For anyone who’s already a fan of LeRoy Grannis, Dash Snow and perhaps a little bit of Harmony Korine’s rebel youth – this album is a real treat. You can pre-order the new edition directly from AMMO Books or get a bargain on Amazon.

Source: AMMO


Source: AMMO

Joy, Account Manager:

Everything Cactus

I am currently obsessed with Cacti (does anyone else feel that should really be cactuses?!)! They are everywhere at the minute and I can’t get enough of them!

I have recently bought a few for my house as I think they look really modern and fresh without being as ‘girlie’ as flowers. The massive bonus is even I can’t kill them!

I have also started a bit of a collection of random ‘cactus items’ and it has inspired me to create a more eclectic look in my home. Some of my favourite pieces that I have found are shown below if you fancy getting in on the cactus craze…

Cactus print – notonthehighstreet

Cacti phone case - Etsy

Cacti glassware – Oliver Bonas

My kids summer wardrobes have even featured cacti this year…

Shorts - Next

Damien, Senior Designer:

The Letter H

I’m always inspired by the continually evolving ‘H’ Homepage of Huge Inc’s website. In the same vein as the 'Google Doodles’, each H tells a story in a clever way, each one is unique and different, sometimes photographic, sometimes illustrative, sometimes animated.

With a lot of time and effect put into its execution, they continually draw people back to see what this month’s H will be.

Check out the history of the Huge H at:

Or this month’s less-inspiring, but topical Pokemon themed H:



Gaynor, Trainee Designer:

Virtual reality

I’m mainly inspired by the designers around me in the studio. This past year I’ve learnt so much being here. In design you never stop learning or collecting inspiration. Beside Brand Etiquette, I love the work by B&B studio and Twenty-five art house. I take inspiration from a lot of things I see online, when I’m not busy doing my own work I’m usually looking at other peoples’! I find websites like BP&O and itsnicethat.com useful for finding inspiration or discovering new work in the design world. Outside of graphic design I’m interested in a wide range of creative subjects - I often look at sculptures, fashion, architecture and paintings. I’m very inspired by abstract artists like Giacometti and Frank Auerbach – I think this comes across in my illustration (a bit strange as I love clean minimal designs and messy paintings are the complete opposite!). To be honest, I feel like inspiration for any piece of design can come from anywhere, as pretty much everything you look at is art. You can see more of what I’m inspired by on my Pinterest.

Alberto Giacometti – Grande tete mince

Frank Auerbach - Head of JYM II, 1984-85

Alberto Giacometti - litographs

Rachel, Placement Student:

Olympic animation

Outside of Brand Etiquette I like to find inspiration from other graphic design studios across the world. One of my favourites is Sagmeister & Walsh in New York, I particularly like the work they did for Adobe. I love their unpredictability, they always push the boundaries of Graphic Design, having so much fun with their work and thinking of new ways of creating, so that design isn't just done from behind a computer screen. I highly recommend to watch their AdobeMax 24-hour challenge where you can see all the behind the scene clips of how they created their work for adobe Max and if you fancy a laugh watch their Adobe logo game show.

Apart from Graphic Design I have always had a massive appreciation for animation. Currently I'm obsessing over Henrique Barone, Rafael Mayani and Conor Whelan's short animation 'Olympia' in aid of the Rio Olympics this summer!