We’re here - first night

We’re here - first night

Rather than sharing ideas from behind the monolithic monitors we gather in some of Belfast’s finest coffee houses and bring together a vast array of the most exciting creative goings on from the design-verse for inspiration.

Using the premise of a book club we meet and discuss what we have read, watched or experienced, with focus on all things new, creative and mind blowing. With this in mind the title ‘We’re here’ was generated. We’re here to share ideas and drink coffee.

I prepared a brief Reading List for the first ‘We’re here’:

— Know Your Onions, Drew de Soto

"This isn't just another design manual. It's a carousing conversation with a bloke who knows his stuff. The book tackles the creative, the business and the beauty of graphic design."

With focus on the Creative Equation that works:
(the number of ideas generated x the number of people) x the creative interaction = creativity, divided by time.

— Empathy in practice
99u.com/articles/24713/the-most-underrated-skill-for-creatives-empathy by Jake Cook. A great insight into The Most Underrated Skill for Creatives? Empathy.

— RTL Nieuws rebrand casestudy
vimeo.com/94442523 An inspiring look at the re-branding of RTL Nieuws.

All of the articles bring something different to the table, ideas, issues and solutions that we as designers can adapt and use in our work.

After a great first night in Caffè Nero, Lombard St we now plan to meet at the end of each month with fresh articles and fresh ideas.