We’re here #2

We’re here #2

On the reading list we had two of John Hegarty’s recent books, ‘Hegarty on Advertising – turning intelligence into magic’ and ‘Hegarty on creativity – There are no rules.’ (Links below)


Hegarty - Advertising Turning Intelligence Magic (amazon link)

Hegarty - Creativity There-are-Rules (amazon link)

‘Turning intelligence into magic’ is a great insight into the life and career of John Hegarty from his early days at Saatchi and Saatchi to the global force that Bartle, Bogle, Hegarty is today. The book is filled with wisdom, going into detail on some of the major advertising campaigns that Hegarty was involved in, notably Levi Strauss and Audi. This is a great read for any creative professional, humbling and relatable.

‘Hegarty on creativity - There are no rules’ is Hegarty’s guide for when you come up against a challenge working in the creative industry. Hegarty takes 50 provocations and themes that will be familiar to a creative thinker and offers up his advice for dealing with these situations. The solutions are accompanied by Quentin Blake style illustrations that add a playfulness to this creative pocket guide!

We also took time in between coffees to look at the work of Frank Chimero and his studio http://ofanother.com/ Frank’s approach and style is very refreshing. Also, check out Frank Chimero talking ‘The Shape of Design’ at Build 3 years ago https://vimeo.com/17084347 still very relevant.

Looking forward to next month