News from the ISTD Student Assessment 2014

News from the ISTD Student Assessment 2014

Nearly 200 entries were received from over 40 institutions across the UK and Europe, with students choosing from five diverse design briefs demanding content development as well as creative graphic and typographic design.

As ever, there was a range of quality work and approaches to each brief with some outstanding examples of what's to come from the next generation of typography and design.

"Judging entries to the standards of ISTD and to be involved in the development and future of typographic design is always a pleasure. To receive a professional qualification from ISTD, the standard of work must be exceptional and of a professional level."

The briefs were:

In partnership with Monotype
A Type Specimen for the future: Design a Type Specimen that showcases at least one font family from each section of Monotype’s chosen new and classic releases.

Everything About One Thing
Gather a complete knowledge about one single thing and make that accessible for the public in the form of either a book, magazine or digital presence.

A Manifesto for the Art School
Write a Manifesto for the Art School. It must contain at least 500 words of text matter and it must communicate your vision for the future.

Produce something that engages your target audience with your chosen issue. Your research should not only determine the information that you will use but also demonstrate your knowledge of previous socio-political graphic campaigns. Your typography should engage the viewer in the first instance but inform through a carefully planned information hierarchy.

Paper Messengers
Explore and re-evaluate the expressive and communicative power of stamps using the rich visual potential offered by typographic forms.