BSA Graduation Show 2016

Last Friday saw a few of the most diligent Brand Etiquetters packing up on a post-work school trip down to the BSA Graduation Show opening (preceded by a shameless, carb-heavy dinner) to scratch our culture itch.

Seeing the sheer amount of artwork, scattered over five floors, we almost immediately pinpointed the graphic design and illustration section as it was virtually impossible to see everything in one evening. The students didn’t disappoint with the quality of work and the amount of emerging talent made some of our BSA alumni’s hearts filled with pride.

Feeling like we owe the new graduates a well-deserved tribute, we asked Anna and Gaynor for a brief review of their personal highlights:


Rachel Beatty – Illustration



I loved Rachel’s adorable illustrations, which reminded me of classic children’s books and gave me the inevitable throwback to Peter Rabbit- and The Wind and The Willows- filled childhood evenings (my mum would shake her head slowly but I’d like to believe that I was a keen reader at the age of 5). The authentic vintage feel and the incredible precision of her hand-cut collages made her work really stand out.

Jonathan Fletcher – Graphic design


Jonathan’s brand development for a new London design museum caught my eye with its clean, geometric design. As a self-proclaimed scandi fanatic, I love minimalist, B&W functional designs and this project delivered just that – the logo, name, typeface and animation communicate the brand without any additional noise or clutter.


I’m still a student at the art college so this time next year I will be putting my own design work on display at the show. It was great to see the work from my former class and I was impressed and inspired. Overall I would say well done to everyone and good luck!

Outside the graphic design department, I enjoyed looking at the sculpture exhibition in the new building - so I got some snaps there (Including a selfie inside a sculpture).



Anyone within reasonable distance from the swanky new BSA building, who hasn’t made it to the show yet, should quickly rectify this, as you are up for a treat. The BSA Graduation Show closes on Saturday 11th June – for more information, please visit: