Brand Investment delivers results

Brand Investment delivers results

Bluegrass was created by Irwin Feeds in the early 1990’s after recognising a gap in the market for scientifically formulated and produced horse feed. Bluegrass Horse Feed enabled owners to get the most from their stock by providing nutritional and innovative feed.

When we began working with Bluegrass they were already a well-established business with a strong and loyal customer base. Regardless of this they realised that to stay on top and ahead of their competitors they needed to invest in their brand to create a more contemporary and prominent positioning.

We designed a new brand for Bluegrass retaining the Bluegrass name as it was well –established and had a good reputation. The new brand gave Bluegrass the ‘standout’ they needed in an increasingly competitive market and a suite of collateral including feed bags, stationary, brochures, adverts, flyers and promotional items were subsequently developed for the brand rollout. The range of feed bags were designed in bold colours against a clean background to ensure the information was easy to read and the bag easy to see as the colourful design meant they were eye-catching on a shop floor.

It has now been 7 months since the Bluegrass bags were launched at Balmoral Show and we are delighted that since the launch they have been a great success with sales up by 41% in total, of products in NEW bags and overall sales have increased by 107 Tonnes, that’s an extra 5 lorry loads in the first financial quarter of 2014. A fantastic result for this forward thinking business.