Packaging Design

Product packaging is a vital part of the design mix and an area that requires precision and expertise to maximise impact and effect.

Beyond sampling this is your opportunity to get your product noticed and into the customers hands and packaging is as vital an ingredient to product launch as the product itself. As soon as the product prototype is available packaging design work should commence to ensure adequate specification, development and testing time and  innovation is key to the process. There will be many limitations on design for packaging including consumer dwell time, legibility in-hand and on-shelf, industry regulations and of course practicalities of time and cost in terms of production.

We have extensive experience of producing product packaging across a vast range of retail and industry sectors and we will always bring this knowledge to the table combined with a desire to push the boundaries for each and every project we engage with. Whether we design the brand or work to an existing brand guideline we will always endeavour not just to translate the brand in this environment, but to elevate its message and positioning.