A tasty new look for the Knife and Fork

A tasty new look for the Knife and Fork

The Knife and Fork is all about local - local food, local suppliers and local charm and our brief was to showcase this to customers both on-site, in the restaurant, and in associated marketing collateral. The new menu design reflects thehonest, unpretentious food that the restaurant offers and this honesty carries through the tone of voice also, letting the food do the talking. The signature photographic style that we introduced throughout all of the material provides The Knife and Fork with a clearly differentiated identity to that of the Malone Lodge. This is no ordinary hotel restaurant and it was critical to the brief that we established the Knife and Fork as a standalone offering and a great place to eat and drink for non-residents and residents alike.

We were delighted to get very positive feedback from Sophie McLoughlan, the Knife and Fork manager, who said ‘We loved working with everyone at The Pierce Partnership. They took our very general brief and turned it into a concept and brand that truly reflected our restaurant. We cannot recommend this company highly enough.’

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